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What Happens When a Hacker Gains Access?

In this short demo, we'll show you what hackers see on their end of the screen, and compare it to what "you" would be seeing as well, side by side.

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Hackers typically have access to a victim's unprotected environment for around 100 days before ever being detected!
Small-Medium sized businesses are hit by hacking attacks much more often than larger corporations. 3 Words: Low Hanging Fruit.
Around 70% of small-medium businesses who suffer from ransomware attacks wind up closing down within 1 year of attack.


Mike Bloomfield is the President Geek of Tekie Geek, and Staten Island’s most trusted IT Advisor, with a passion for Business Continuity, Network Security, Data Security and IT Infrastructure. He is regularly published in numerous IT Publications, including TechDecisions, ChannelPro Magazine, Channel Executive and others.

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  • Serving the Tri-State area since 2012
  • ​Data Protection & Cyber Security Experts


Some Reactions & Results From Our Clients

Prior to Tekie Geek, we were in the dark ages with our technology, and what they brought forward was everything in today's current day, 2020. We used to have so many IT problems and just getting an answer was difficult, until the Geeks came along. I got hacked into and they came in and fixed everything and thank goodness they were there to do that!

- Cathy DelPriore

We're a 12 person architectural firm and as you can imagine, we rely on our computers for drafting, storage and communication with our customers. Prior to TG, comps would go down and we would lose days in productivity. Mike's a straight shooter and clear. He will explain it to you like you understand it, which is great. We've had no problems, whatsoever, but I know if we did, the Geeks would be right there to help!

- Lenny Rampulla

Let the Superheroes of IT Save Your Systems from Sabotage!

Hackers are taking advantage of the fact that many people have been, and are still working from home.

Do you know how secure your company's network and private data is?
Ever wonder what a hacker sees on their side of the screen during a breach?

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